Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vitamin Schtick

Following on from the success of the Coca Cola varieties, the creative team at Lip Smackers have now teamed up with 50 Cent and his peeps at Glaceau Vitamin Water to create Vitamin Schtick – a lip balm range bursting with the eight flavours of Vitamin Water.

Containing all the benefits of a lip balm including vitamin E and SPF 20 these little babies have a great assortment of scents and have super cute packaging that resembles a mini Vitamin Water bottle, too cute!!
Being my favourite Vitamin Water flavours, I would love to try the Triple X scent… pomegranate and acai berries – delicious!
I couldn't find an Aussie stockist (maybe they haven't arrived on our shores yet?) but they have been available in the US and UK for a while now.
US or UK readers... Have you tried Vitamin Schtick's? Are they any good or no better than the average lip balm?


  1. I see these on the internet all the time, I've wanted one forever but never been able to find one. I hope they do stock them in AUS or maybe there is an online stockist we can order from. You'll have to let me know if you find anything.

    We've also given you a blog award so I'd love if you could check that out


  2. I have the one you want! The XXX one and I love it. It's a little on the soft side so you have to be gentle. The SPF is great (I bring it to the beach with me) and it smells a lot like the vitamin water. It's nourishing and doesn't drift all over my lips. Great product, hopefully you get it soon! Oh and it lasts FOREVER :)

    <3 Sidd

  3. Where do you buy them, they are so cute??