Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Beauty Diary – Aloe Sheet Masks

I was first introduced to My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks by YouTube’s Missglamorazzi. Being someone who rarely has spare time to indulge in regular face masks or treatments, sheet masks really appealed to me for their no fuss no mess application.

The Taiwanese Skincare brand My Beauty Diary describes their Aloe Sheet Masks as moisturising, repairing, revitalising and nourishing for the skin and are perfect for use on normal skin and recommended for those with dry and damaged skin.

Each of the masks are packaged in individual sachets (with cute little aloe plants printed on them) and the masks themselves are extremely moist with product.

The mask is rounded with cut outs for your eyes, nose and mouth as well as four slits to allow the mask to fit perfectly onto your face. As you can imagine from the picture below you do end up looking like a scary dead person while wearing the mask so best to do this alone or be prepared to receive weird looks from your husband/boyfriend or family.  

To use, simply tear open a sachet and peel the sheet mask away from the plastic backing paper and smooth onto face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and peel mask off leaving any of the left over product to absorb into your skin.

After wearing the mask for 10-15 minutes my skin always feels so hydrated and soft and My Beauty Diary Aloe Sheet Masks are now included in my weekly skincare routine.

I purchased this box of ten My Beauty Diary Aloe Masks from sasa.com for $12(AUD) which is great value for something that is going to last me at least ten weeks.

My Beauty Diary has a vast range of Sheet Masks for different uses and skin types and I will definitely trying out more from this brand once this box is completed.  


  1. I got a sample from Olay which was something similar to those and I felt claustrophobic lol. It didn't last long.

  2. @Amanda oh no! Lol luckily I didn't feel like that! The cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth are fairly generous so wearing it wasn't really an issue for me :)

  3. The first time I used sheet masks, I did it when I was alone, and my dog was giving me weird looks the whole time haha! I really have been wanting to try these. The sheet masks always feel so refreshing.

  4. @Amanda Lol I know what you mean.. I was thinking about posting a photo of myself wearing a mask but I looked too scary/weird to put on the Internet. These work great because the masks are so moist with product.