Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The POREfessional

Those of you who follow Beauty Soiree would know I purchased Benefit’s The POREfessional in April 2011 (featured in my Benefit Haul) and since then I have been using it on and off as my opinion has been quite mixed and I have been fence sitting for some time.
The POREfessional is a lightweight balm that is applied by lightly patting the product into your t-zone (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) before or as I recently discovered, after your makeup application to erase all visible signs of enlarged pores creating a flawless base.
What they say….
The POREfessional; quickly minimize the appearance of pores! Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores...now you see 'em, now you don't! Complements all skin tones.
What I say….
The product applies silky smooth and quickly soaks into skin. Pores are less visible however; I find that it doesn’t make a huge difference on my pores (but that maybe because I didn’t really have over enlarged pores to begin with) but I find the POREfessional acts like a “filler” to ensure an instant smoothing effect.
After learning that this product can also be applied after makeup, I find this way much more effective for me as I can really notice a difference where as when I applied under my makeup I was always straining to see if there was any noticeable improvement.
The product is lightly tinted (yellow toned beige) however once applied it offers little coverage so for those who are lucky enough to have darker complexions don’t be put off by the tint as it will provide a slight brightening effect (if anything at all).

The POREfessional comes in a 22.0 ml. (0.75 US fl. OZ.) tube which is a beautiful fresh turquoise colour and allows you to easily squeeze the right amount of product. A little goes a long way.. as I have had this product since April 2011 and have been using it at least three times per week and I have plenty left.
Purchase the POREfessional online at Benefit for $28.00(USD) with free international shipping on any $115(USD) order or from Adore Beauty for $53.00(AUD).


  1. I was thinking of buying this, I don't have over enlarged pores but I just heard it was a great primer! x

  2. I received a sample of this for my last Benefit purchase. I'm kind of on the fence about it too. I haven't tried it over my makeup though so that's next!

    <3 Sidd