Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A GHD Warning

This post is to offer all GHD fans a warning when using their loved GHD Strightener.

I love my GHD and have been a devotee of the infamous straightener for as long as I can remember but after this weekend I’m not quite sure.

I have just spent the weekend in the sunny northern NSW coast for a wedding and as usual I packed by GHD. The day of the wedding I straightened my hair as normal to prepare for the afternoon as I was going to wear my hair in loose curls.

Come the afternoon I prepared to start my curls, sectioned my hair and turned on my GHD and as usual waiting for the double beep indicating it had reached the desired temperature. As I attempted my first curl, the section was limp so I attempted another section and saw white smoke and smelt the strong scent of burnt hair streaming from the iron and my hair. Completely freaked, I turned it off straight away and was devastated to find traces of my hair melted to the iron and falling out in locks from the sections I attempted to curl.

My GHD was an IV Styler from the Limited Edition Benefit Radiance Set and although I have had it for a few years with regular use, I have always taken good care of it, not wrapped the cord around it and stored it within the styler bag. I believe the thermostat fuse blew (out of no where with no warning) causing it to heat up to an unsafe temperature and I was so lucky I was only straightening small sections from the bottom up and not random pieces from the top.

Now I’m not sure if this is a one off or a known fault of the GHD but I would definitely recommend users of the GHD to pay attention to your styler and if you notice anything different i.e. smoke or if it feels hotter than usual – avoid contact with your hair.
So after my near bald experience I’m now terrified to buy another GHD straightener however I need to invest in a new straightener ASAP.

Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? (This is a total first for me)

Do you have any hair straightener reccs that are comparable to the GHD?  


  1. Oh no!! YIKES!!! My sister's GHDs started smoking because the plastic wrapping of the electrical wires got burnt and had a hole in it!! I dont know if that makes sense...but eeks, so dodgy!

  2. Oh noes! Now youre scaring me about mine! Mine is 4 years old!

  3. That is so scary! I burnt my hair on a gas heater once and the smell was awful. I had my GHD for just over 2 years before a plate on it stopped working so I bought a cheap Babyliss in the meantime but it just wasn't as good so I bought another GHD recently. I'm so paranoid of it breaking of it breaking on me though after my first one.

  4. There was a faulty batch a few years ago, I was using them on a client in the salon where I worked and they blew up in my hand. I dont think theres a problem with newer versions but anyone who bought theres a few years ago could be unlucky enough to have a faulty pair.

  5. Eek, how scary! My GHD is 3 years old but I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever and I'm really hoping it stays that way! The travel dryer that came with it though, I HAVE had problems. Recently it's become temperamental & only switches on when it feels like... :(

  6. Gosh that is SCARY! So sorry to hear it melted off your hair, I'd have freaked out so much. Have you tried the straighteners from Cloud 9?

  7. omg! im so sorry! I don't have a GHD but if I ever get one, thanks for the heads up!


  8. nothing worse than the smell of burnt hair! I have never heard of this happening before and hope i never do again. I will definitely be on the lookout and let everyone know. Thanks for the warning

  9. Thank you for all your comments/concerns, as mentioned in my post it totally freaked me out and I’d thought I’d share.

    @Yolanda, @Beautyinthesky and @Rin – Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to yours. Not many people have heard of such a thing happening so I'm hoping it was a one off!

    @Becomingbeautiful – I’m interested to try the Cloud 9 irons so I might have a look. As you can imagine I’m in desperate need of a straightener asap!

  10. We have seen this happen many times and also have a page dedicated to it at http://www.werepairghd.co.uk/ghd-melted.htm

    its a bad design. you have a sensor on one side and the thermal sut out on the other so if one particular heater dies this can happen.


    Cloud nines have seen this as a design issue and have a thermal cut out on both heaters and also have a beeping warning which makes them fail to heatr up fully if a heater is down.