Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remington Compact Tribal Tong

The Remington Compact Tribal Tong is a hair styling wand made with creating an easy curl in mind. The tong itself has a conical barrel and sections of hair are wrapped around to create structured curls.

The Compact Tribal Tong as the name suggests, is compact. It’s a cute travel sized version of the original Tribal Tong but does not lack in features. It heats to a variable 110°C - 200°C and quickly reaches its set temperature in 30 seconds and with a swivel cord makes it easy to use at all angles.

In the past I have curled my hair using my GHD straightening iron, so I was really impressed with the Tribal Tong’s ease of use and the simple wrap and hold technique. It creates gorgeous little tight spiral curls that eventually fall into small loose waves, the only downside is because it is the compact version it did take a while to curl my mid length hair (it would be perfect for those with short hair).

I recommend wand type stylers for those who want a quick and easy alternative to GHD (or other straightening iron) curls. The Compact Tribal Tong comes in two stylish colours, purple and pink and can be purchased from department stores and electrical retailers.

Disclaimer: The Remington Compact Tribal Tong was provided as sponsored gift as part of ABBW, however; I was under no obligation to include this product in this post or on Beauty Soiree.  

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