Monday, May 23, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Photo of my Favourite Bracelet

When I think of my favourite bracelet…two come to mind; my pearl charm bracelet by Thomas Sabo and my Pandora bracelet.  

I love these two, as they are both charm style bracelets and each of the charms or beads where given to me as a gift or purchased for a memory or occasion.

On my Thomas Sabo I have a white zirconia as my birthstone for April and a little aeroplane representing my love of travel. On my Pandora, I have a series of mismatched silver and munro glass beads and my most recent addition a little birthday present bead, given to me on my last birthday.

This post is Day 15 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge; click here to view my introduction.


  1. The small plane there is so cute!! Love it!