Monday, May 30, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Place I Want to Live

There’s nothing more beautiful than Sydney’s Harbour on a sunny day and I’m always envious of those who are fortunate enough to wake up to that view every morning. I would probably never have the opportunity to own or live in one of these apartments (I don’t see myself become a multi millionaire anytime soon) however, Sydney’s foreshore has always been a place where I want to live.

You would always have prime position for amazing NYE parties....

This post is Day 23 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge; click here to view my introduction.


  1. It's so beautiful! Love the NYE picture too - just gorgeous :)

    <3 Sidd

  2. Thanks Sidd, I thought your post was beautiful.. to live on an Italian mountain side would be bliss :)