Friday, June 17, 2011


I came across this great little advertorial in the July 2011 Cosmopolitan magazine and thought I would adopt this idea as an ongoing segment within Beauty Soiree.

Mix it up a little - experiment with your make up, hairstyle or outfit.. as they say “a change can be as good as a holiday”.

As I’m a neutral eye kinda gal I have been slowly introducing colours in my EOTD looks. One of my current favourites is a neutral base with a pop of colour to the top lash line. Subtle…I know but it does give a pretty effect especially in the sunlight.

Smart Skin Cleansing Wipes, I picked up these wipes from my local Woolworths for a mere $1.50! The wipes are quite soft, are a decent size and as they are very moist they are fantastic for removing make-up or cleansing the skin and don’t leave you feeling like you have left over residue after using them.

I found I liked Smart Skin over Simple as they are moister easier to remove make up and over Face of Australia as the wipes are larger and a little thicker.

Moroccan Oil (if you haven’t already done so). I have been using this every time I blow dry my hair (and in between washes) since Dec 2010. It makes my hair noticeably softer, shiner, less frizzy and more manageable after every use.

I use the Original Moroccan Oil Treatment suitable for all hair types however I have also discovered the Moroccan Oil Light Treatment for blondes to prevent that brassy look.   

The 100ml bottles retail for approx. $49.50(AUD) and last forever (as less is more) and can be purchased online at Adore Beauty or find your closest salon stockist at Moroccan Oil.

So whats on your do, try, buy list?


  1. Great idea for posts :) I haven't tried the Moroccan Oil yet but I've heard great things!

    <3 Sidd

  2. oooo i wish we had those smart skin cleansing wipes here i'm on the search for some that aren't pricey and do the job! ;-) I have been wanting to try the moroccan oil though but i can only find it on ebay and sometimes that gets a lil pricey to canada :-(