Sunday, June 26, 2011

Want to Enhance your Natural Eye Colour?

Certain eye shadows can be used to accentuate your natural eye colour making your eyes a stand out feature. Think of the basic colour wheel where the opposite colours are those that are complementing, like red and green, orange and blue or purple and yellow.
For blue eyes, choose earthy tones such as champagnes, taupe or charcoal greys as these colours are known to accentuate the blue making your pretty peepers stand out.
Brown eyes are luckily enough to get away with most colours however it is said that pinks or greens really make brown eyes pop.
Green/Hazel eyes sparkle with different shades of purple or warmer browns with a slight gold or orange undertone.
That being said makeup is a form of personal expression, wear what you think looks best and create make up looks that represents your own personal style….have fun xx

Almay have taken the guess work out of finding the right shadow for your eye colour and created the Intense I-Colour Smokey-I Kit which includes in its range four eye shadow palettes with carefully chosen colours to bring out in best in green, blue, hazel and brown eyed beauties.

Each palette includes a lid, crease and brow highlight colour which makes applying a breeze to create the perfect smokey eye look for your eye colour.
I’m yet to try this palette but would love to see the effect it has on drawing out my natural eye colour. Purchase Almay Intense I-Colour Smokey-I Kit from Priceline for $20.95(AUD).

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