Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: My Favourite Nail Polish

Like many of you, I have a rather large nail polish collection… well large for someone that should be saving money and not spending it on more nail polishes.. But I’m sure many of you can sympathise when I say “sometimes I just can’t help it”.

Although I love O.P.I polishes for the obvious reasons (pro wide brush, quality, range of colours and cute tongue-in-cheek names) my current favourite polish colour is White Gold by Sportsgirl Nail It.

This colour is a creamy white with a light gold shine and is one of those colours that can add glamour to an outfit while at the same time be fittingly neutral to wear during the day or to work.

After trawling through my box of polishes trying to decide on my favourite colour for the sake of this post, I found that I own quite a few Sportsgirl Nail It polishes.

L-R: White Gold, Pink (Unknown name), Fruit Tingle, Lavender, Caribbean, Nude, Caramel

I love these polishes as they are affordable ($7.95AUD), come in seasonal colours to suite current fashion trends and they have pretty good staying power – my current mani has lasted four days now (with my O.P.I top coat) and they are looking good for another day.

As I mention above, the Nail It Polishes are seasonal so they come and go along with the fashion trends. I purchased the White Gold last year so unfortunately it’s not available online or in-store. However, always check out the Sportsgirl sale section to grab some last minute colours at bargain prices.  

This post wraps up my 30 Day Blog Challenge; click here to view my introduction.


  1. Gorgeous color - I'll have to find something like it :)

    <3 Sidd

  2. 30 day blog challenge? What an excellent idea Soiree! We'll def be jumping on that band wagon (just as soon as exams are over).
    Great blog xxx

  3. @Sidney - really pretty huh? I'll also keep an eye out for an international dupe :)

    @SoMAKEUPurMind - it can be a challenge but I had fun completing it.. Would love to follow your progress, actually got the idea for the Challange from Savvy Sid (Comment above). Good luck in your exams xx

  4. I have caribbean as well and love it...fruit tingle looks gorgeous:)

  5. @Priyanka thank u, you have now convinced me to wear carribbean this weekend :) luv sportsgirl polishes