Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: An Item from my Wish List

My boyfriend and I are currently house hunting and one thing I’m really looking forward to beside the new found freedom its decorating a house of my very own.
Depending on the house layout and space, I’m still undecided whether to have a makeup room (using one of the spare bedrooms) or take ownership of the bathroom vanity.
Either way, I want display all my cosmetics easily and have them accessible and organized using a storage system that is great to look at – which brings me to an item from my wish list
An Acrylic Makeup Draw

As seen on the bathroom vanities of the Kardashian sisters, this set of draws is a makeup organization lover’s paradise.
I love the clear design which makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for – I’m forever digging through my collection looking for that one lipstick or gloss, and as its clear it prompts you to keep your make up collection neatly organized at all times.

The above shown makeup draws can be purchased online from The Makeup Box Shop and prices start from $109(AUD) including local delivery.
All images sourced from The Makeup Box Shop.
This post is Day 26 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge; click here to view my introduction.


  1. I love these! Some days when I'm searching for that one specific product that I can't find I come across products that I didn't even remember I had! These clear boxes would definitely solve that issue. And even though I know what type of makeup is in each of my drawers now it would be nice to be able to kind of showcase some of the prettier makeup with these.

  2. LOVE this storage!! it's grown quite popular from the Kardashians but all your makeup and brushes looks displayed really lovly =]

  3. I love organizing my makeup. It is nice to have storage where you can see what you have. I love reading beauty blogs! Great Blog. :)

  4. This is on my wishlist too!!! Love how sleek it looks!

  5. oh ive been dying to get some of these!

  6. i want one! i am forever digging through all of my stuff looking for a certain product and can never find it until after i have used something else or given up:)

  7. It's good to see I'm not the only one lusting for these draws.The more I look at them the more I think I might just treat myself :)

    Thank u for your comments xx

  8. Such a great storage space! I had been trying all year to find something like this that I can organize all of my make up in, and still have it accessible. I think that's every girls dream. When I was in high school, my make up was all over the place and I didn't care one little bit. I had make up in the bathroom, in my back pack, my purse, my locker. I think that I even kept some of my make up at a friends house; kind of like having a sock drawer at your boyfriends house, except with me it was make up, always, always make up.

    You Store It