Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tonic Australia Giveaway CLOSED

Tonic Australia has provided the opportunity for one lucky subscriber of Beauty Soiree to win a prize pack from their Heritage Gardenia range containing one Gardenia Scented Soy Wax Candle and Gardenia Goats Milk Soap.
I was lucky enough to receive both the scented soy wax candle and goats milk soap to try myself (see post here) and was impressed. So I’m very excited to be able to share these beautiful products with you.

Conditions of entry:

This giveaway is open internationally and will close Sunday 12 August 2012 at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Winner must be a public follower of Beauty Soiree through Google Friend Connect (GFC) and will be eligible for 3 entries in the giveaway.

Winner will be both contacted via email and via blog post on Beauty Soiree.

Additional entries:

Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @BeautySoiree (additional 2 entries)

To enter complete the Entry Form below:

The Original Beauty Blender

I haven’t been satisfied with the way my foundation and stippling brushes have been applying my foundation recently. I found the thicker consistency of my foundation (Rimmel Wake Me Up) teamed with the synthetic fibers of my brushes left the finish streaky and hard to work with.
I’ve read many good reviews about the Beauty Blender Sponge (one that comes to mind…Keeping Up With Me) and I decided to purchase one to see if it would revolutionize the way I apply my foundation.
The Beauty Blender has been designed to ensure makeup application is foolproof. It's egg shaped design allows even coverage to larger surface areas such as your cheeks and forehead and its narrow rounded tip is perfect to cover trickier areas like the corner of your nose and under eyes.

To use, you apply your foundation or concealer using a stippling (dabbing) motion, as mentioned above it allows even coverage and a flawless finish - I would be very surprised if you were dissapointed with this product after the first use.   
Conventional makeup sponges often soak up a lot of product forcing you to use a lot more than you need however with the Beauty Blender you dampen the sponge in water prior to use which eliminates makeup soaking into the Beauty Blender and assisting in proving a flawless finish to your foundation.

The Beauty Blender almost doubles in size when wet
Sponges (especially damp ones) are prone to be a bacteria breeding ground so be sure to clean after each use. The Beauty Blender line does have its own cleanser product available to purchase separately or together in a pack however, I have been satisfied using my Elf Anti Bacterial Brush Shampoo.

The Beauty Blender has shaved off minutes to my morning makeup routine as it makes makeup so quick and easy to apply and because it’s a soft sponge (similar feel to memory foam) no effort is required when wanting to create a flawless finish.

The Beauty Blender can be purchased in various outlets online and in store internationally, visit http://www.beautyblender.net/buy.html for further information. I purchased my Beauty Blender online at Crush Cosmetics for $24.95 (AUD).

Brand Spotlight: Tonic Australia

Image from tonic.net.au

Founded in 1992, Tonic Australia was created by Melbourne duo Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz and consists of a product line featuring stylish bath, body and home products.  
The wide product range from shower caps, body creams and lotions to candles and diffusers feature stylish on trend patterns and are 100% Australian made using local natural ingredients or materials.

Image from tonic.net.au

I was lucky enough to have been gifted a few of Tonic Australia’s products to trial as well as gift pack to provide one lucky reader during a Tonic Giveaway.  
Eco Sachets

In their stylish print, Tonic has made warding off bad smells and bugs look good. Hang these little aromatic sachets in your cupboard, pantry or draw and allow the sweet herbal aroma to linger. I have been using these in my intimate draw as well as my wardrobe to add a little fragrance to my garments.
Heat Pillow

These come in an array of different prints and contain organic barley and lavender and have been a god send throughout the past few weeks of winter. Allow a quick two minutes in a microwave for an optimum warm cozy temperature.
Gardenia Scented Soy Wax Candle

Ahhhh, my love of floral scents and candles combined!  Soy wax candles burn longer than your traditional candle and Tonic boasts a burning time of up to 45 hours. Incased in a beautiful jar with floral print, Tonic candles don’t just look good they smell amazing too – the scent smells of fresh picked gardenias.
Gardenia Goats Milk Soap

Goats milk is amazing for those with sensitive skin and is both nourishing and cleansing. I found this soap lathers well and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. Again, this soap is from the Gardenia line so its floral scent is very appealing.
Tonic products make the perfect gift for that special someone who has it all. You can find Tonic products in boutique giftware stores, department stores and online at http://www.tonic.net.au/
Stay tuned for my Tonic Australia Giveaway featuring a Gardenia Scented Soy Wax Candle and Gardenia Goats Milk Soap prize package for one lucky winner.
Disclaimer: Please note that the above mentioned products were provided for review consideration and giveaway however all opinions provided in this post are honest.

Effortless Up Styles with Scunci

I was invited by Scunci and Polkadot PR to take part in a Blogger Contest to create unique hairstyles featuring the Scunci Pin Twirls.

The Scunci Pin Twirls are metal pins that can be twirled into an up style for a firm hold. Each package comes with three pin twirls which can be used instead of Bobby Pins when creating an up-do. To use, just screw into your hair style to hold (I found using two most effective) and to remove simple screw back out.  

As I don’t really have a flair for hair, one of my favourite up styles are the messy kind. I styled both of the below looks using only two pin twirls and a hair tie. Both are simple and effortless and such a pleasure not to insert and remove countless Bobby Pins.

Messy Side Bun

Pull hair into a side pony tail and secure in a loop with a hair tie just below your ear.

Twist and manipulate the pony tail loop to form a messy bun look.

Twist one Scunci Pin Twirl into the bun from the top and another from the bottom to secure.

Messy Top Knot

Flip hair upside down and pull hair into a high pony tail. Secure in a loop with a hair tie.

Twist and manipulate the pony tail loop to form a messy bun look.

Twist one Scunci Pin Twirl into the bun from the top and another from the bottom to secure.

Lightly loosen hair around the top knot and slightly pull out pieces at the fringe to add to the messy effect.

The Scunci Pin Twirls retail for $9.95(AUD) for a pack of three and are available at Big W, Target, Priceline as well as selected pharmacies and salons.

Disclaimer: I received the Scunci Pin Twirls for participation in the 2012 Scunci Blogger Contest and all Blogger participants have an equal chance of winning a VS Sassoon Pack.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marc Jacobs Daisy on the Go

Marc Jacobs popular scents Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh have been repackaged in an adorable fun-sized daisy – perfect to throw in your handbag to sprits the sweet floral scent throughout the day.
Daisy is described as “A sparkling floral scent – fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence”.
Daisy Eau So Fresh is described as “A bright floral fruity fragrance – elegant and full of charm”.

Each Daisy contains 20ml of fragrance and retails for $35(AUD) each or as a duo for $55(AUD).
These adorable and sweet smelling fragrances are available now from David Jones, Myer and selected pharmacies.  

Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Lips

Introducing Benefit’s latest product release, the Box ‘O Powder Lip glosses.

Benefit has released six lip glosses each named to complement their amazing box powders; Bella Bamba, CORAlista, Dallas, Danelion, Hoola and Sugarbomb.

True to their complementing box powers Bella Bamba is a sheer bright watermelon, CORAlista is a sheer coral, Dallas a dusty rose, Danelion a soft pearly pink, Hoola a golden nude and Sugarbomb a shimmering pinky nude.

Sound sweet? These glossies will retail for $29(AUD) and are available at a Benefit Counter near you from 28 July 2012.
Shhhhh! Why wait? Purchase online now at Benefit for $16(USD).

** Images obtained through press release.