Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyeko's Minty FAT BALM... a review

A very sheer iridescent pink colour that glides on smooth moisturises lips and as an added bonus contains SPF 15!

It does have a minty scent, which I don’t normally like in anything other then toothpaste but it is very subtle and fresh and once applied you don’t notice it.

Packaged in a small box with a cute blue candy cane and hart graphic background makes you want it based on looks alone. The Eyeko logo is of an anime style girl (which made me initially think the brand was Japanese) and displays the brand tag “Pretty London”.

The product is in a mini glue stick like tube and the balm twists up which makes application a breeze. After a few applications the balm actually moulds into your lip shape and contours your lips as you apply.

I purchased the Fat Balm from for $10 which was fairly decent considering I saw it on an Australian cosmetic website for $14.95 and they currently have a promotion of free shipping worldwide for all orders over $55 – so definitely worth it to try out other products.

I would re-purchase (for the right price) if it was widely available in Australia but as I purchased it online from the UK it’s easier to re-purchase a lip balm from a local store.   

Note: I have "Colour Splashed" the photo to allow the colour stand out.

Thinspiration.... My Healthy Journey

If you’re anything like me, I have felt like I have been dieting FOREVER and every year, get fit or loose weight is always top of my resolutions list. This year is no different, however…I am now determined to loose my relationship weight – you know.. the extra kilos that slowly creep up when you get comfortable in a relationship.

So to kick start my healthy journey for 2011 I have been adopting the below tips (most of the time):

  • Get moving – my goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes five times per week, although this is not always achievable, the key is to do something you enjoy. I have recently started boxercise classes with my cousin and I have been loving my increased fitness levels and the motivation of having someone to exercise with.
  • Drink more water – We are all aware of the benefits of water… great for the skin, reduces hunger ect. Flavoured drinks have heaps of hidden calories and I have been really trying to only drink water were necessary.
  • Cut down on extra sugar – While sugar has no fat, it can magically turn to fat unless burnt off as energy. This year I have cut down my sugar intake by only having one teaspoon in my morning instant coffee and NO sugar in my mid morning espresso coffee (I have even swapped my choice of coffee from a skim cappuccino to a skim latte).
  • Limit my alcohol intake – As a social drinker, I can sometimes go a few weeks without alcohol, however, when drinking socially it’s almost always over the recommended two standard drinks (unless I’m driving of course). After being told by one of my boxercise trainers that one bourbon and coke is equivalent to 500 push ups, I had to quickly rethink my social drink of choice. I have been experimenting with Vodka, soda and lime and also enjoy a glass of Yellowglen Jewel – low calorie sparkling wine, however, along with most other pleasures in life alcohol is good in moderation.
  • Measure not weigh – I have always been obsessed with my weight on the scales and this year I have decided to make note of my measurements and track my progress that way, rather then worrying about what’s on the scales each week.  I think it’s more encouraging to think of all the centimetres lost rather than the actual kilograms.
  • Choose wisely – I have been (trying at least) making better choices when it comes to the food I eat. Some of these better choices include a reduction on carbs – I try to only have one slice of bread or toast if any and opt for wraps instead of sandwiches. I have also been loving sushi (which contradicts my carb reduction rule) poached eggs for breakfast, smoked salmon and deli style yoghurt (I love the brand Evia).

Comment below to share some of your own healthy tips….

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Westfeild Paradise

I recently visited one of my favourite shopping centres… Westfield Bondi in need of some retail therapy.

I love Bondi as it houses Department stores, high-end fashion and chain stores all in one place and not to mention the car park has sensors that light up available car spaces (very fancy).

The Café Court (or Harbour Room) offers an array of international cuisine and has great views of Sydney Harbour; however my favourite mid shopping lunch is the chicken laksa from Thairiffic (heaven in a bowl).

I only made a few purchases that day but was able to dream over some of the beautiful things on display in the high end fashion stores – the vintage LV chest from the Louis Vuitton store would look perfect on display in my future home.  

Some on my purchases….

These are a few of my favourite things…

As mentioned on my previous blog, My Guilty Pleasures, I have been getting into the beauty community on YouTube recently. As I have been immersing myself in all things beauty, I too have developed the need to buy, try and review the latest products. Below I have put together a collection of my favourite products that I have been loving so far in 2011.

Nude by Nature – Mineral Make-up
Natural ingredients and chemical free, this product offers great everyday coverage. Easy to apply (lightly buff over face using a kabuki brush) and team with concealer and light bronzer for a flawless finish.  

Too Faced – Natural Eye Pallet
My new favourite eye shadows! Create a day, classic and party look in one pallet. The colours are beautifully pigmented and it comes with three step-by-step “look” cards for easy application – bonus!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow – R.S.V.P
Just a beautiful Champagne base colour, easy to apply and true to it’s name – it does not crease.   

Maybelline – The Falsies Volume Express
I had to try the mascara that the online beauty world was raving about and I was not disappointed. I was surprised that it applies so well and was not clumpy even after a few coats, eye lashes don’t look false but definitely adds volume.

Benefit Box-O-Powder – Dallas
My current every day blush, a beautiful sunset plum colour. I love benefit’s powders, I have recently ordered the new “Bella Bamba” online so I will let you know what I think when it arrives.

Skindinavia – No More Shine Make-up Finish Spray
Spritz over your face before and after make up application for make up that stays put all day. Just having purchased it a few months ago it came in handy during the summer party season.

Yes to Carrots – Eye and Makeup Remover
I was first introduced to this brand in 2010 when my sister gave me the Yes to Carrots and Cucumber Shampoo and Conditioner for my birthday. Ever since then I loved the brand and wanted to try more from the Yes to range. I was very excited to find that they sell Yes to in Priceline and I purchased the Eye and Makeup Remover. It applies as a cream and easily removes all make-up including stubborn eye liner and mascara. Once the cream is massaged into the face it is then removed with warm water – so effort is needed.  

Moroccan Oil
I use this every time I blow dry my hair and it gives a silky smooth result every time (not to mention I really like the scent).

St Tropez – Bronzing Mousse
A great fake tan that I have been re-purchasing for a few years now, great colour and the scent is not too bad. I prefer the mousse for an easy application, oh and apply with rubber gloves or the application mitt as it’s much easier and you will have orange free palms.

Guilty Pleasures - So bad it's good

After recently watching a re-run episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie and the girls are discussing their S.S.B or “Secret Single Behaviour”, it made me think of my own guilty pleasures – something I secretly really enjoy but am often too embarrassed to admit.

Carrie described hers as “making a stack of saltines, putting grape jelly on them and eating them standing up in the kitchen reading fashion magazines”. While that may sound weird to most, that is the best part of our guilty pleasures because they can be “so bad it’s good”.

Some of my guilty pleasures include:

·         Obtaining an almost unhealthy obsession with watching beauty guru’s on YouTube – some of my favourite clips are hauls, make-up collections and room tours.
·         Trashy Reality TV – I just can’t get enough, I know some shows can be cringe worthy but for me the trashier the better (it’s my thing, let it go). Some of my current favourite reality TV shows include: Keeping up with the Kardashians and other spin off series, Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious.
·         Watching Saturday Disney every Saturday morning while I get ready so I won’t miss Hanna Montana or the Witches of Waverly Place.
·         Having Justin Bieber on my iPod, and blasting “Somebody to love” in my headphones and secretly wanting to see his movie – however I may keep it as an itunes download.
·         Magazine Sunday – once was a weekly tradition, where I would lay in bed or on a comfy lounge and flick through the latest fashion or gossip magazine.

Comment below and let me know some of your own guilty pleasures.

Much love