Sunday, April 3, 2011

DFO - For the love of BRANDS without the price tag!

For someone who loves brands but not the price tag that comes with it... Factory Outlet shopping is for you.

This weekend my mum, sister, her two little boys and I made a visit to the Direct Factory Outlet shopping centre in Homebush, Sydney. When we arrived, the place was so busy we were directed to park in the gravel paddock next door as the car park was so full, and I must admit I was a little nervous to see people exiting the shopping centre with only one or two bags - was it not good?!?!

Although once we were inside, DFO did not disappoint. We ended up with so many shopping bags between us we looked like we were there to film a commercial once we left!

Some of my bargain purchases include:

At Country Road I purchased this black corset style tee (which did not photograph well). It has a soft cotton sleeves and neckline and is connected by thicker corset like fabric at the bottom. I purchased it for $39.95 and it was originally $69.95.

In Seafoly, (an Aussie and international known swimwear company) I purchased this deep purple hoody with silver stitching detail - perfect for our Autumn nights as the weather slowly becomes cooler. Hoody was $24.95 and was originally $89.95.

At G-Star, I picked up a tee for my boyfriend, navy with white pin horizontal stripes and the "Raw Denim" logo printed across the front for $33.00 (originally $110.00) and a white tee for myself with the logo "Raw" printed down one side in black for $40.00 - I'm unsure of the original price but it claimed to be 70% off.

My most exciting purchases was when I visited the Peter Alexander Outlet which had 50% off the marked price of all stock. Now, if you have read my previous blog post Get into Bed with Peter you would know I love PA sleepwear so I was so excited to pick up more PJ's at a bargain price. I purchased an oversized tee with a cute suspender print front and back for $5.00, 3/4 pants with ribbon ball's print for $19.95, Queenie mini shorts for $5 and Whitsunday mini shorts for $5. So I got four items of designer sleepwear for $34.95 - very happy!

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