Sunday, April 17, 2011

Laser Hair Reduction... my experiences

I have been receiving Laser Hair Reduction treatments since mid 2010. My experiences with laser hair removal have been positive so I thought I would share my experience for those who are interested in getting it done themselves.

Please note that it is permanent hair reduction and that most laser clinics wont 100% guarantee permanent removal, however I would say from my experience I received around 98% permanent hair removal.  

I first decided on laser hair reduction when I finally had enough of the red, itchy rash that would develop post shaving and waxing – also the thought of never having to remove my hair again was a major plus.  

I found HairFree by searching the internet, they had a centre at my local shopping centre and also centers nation wide, I had also heard of them through radio advertising. While laser hair removal is very costly, HairFree often have specials for their new customers which include 50% off the cost of your first treatment.

You are required to shave (not wax) before treatments and I would suggest for your first appointment to leave a small patch unshaven so your therapist can assess your hair thickness/growth.

In my first consultant, I was asked to complete medical history forms and a questionnaire on skin and hair type and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Laser hair removal work best for those with light skin tones and dark hair, those with darker skin tone or light skin tones and light hair may not be an appropriate candidates for treatment but this is all explained by your therapist prior to the commencement of treatment.

The area to be treated is marked out using a white eyeliner style pencil – to avoid the laser going over the same areas twice. A cold gel is then applied to the area and both you and the therapist wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from the laser light.

The process itself is painful but bearable – think of a rubber band flicking at your skin. I found the darker or thicker the hair the more discomfort I felt, this was at the bottom of my legs and at the top where my hair is thinner and lighter it did not hurt as much or at all. However, it does get better, my last appointment was session 7 and the discomfort was minimal.

As the laser targets your hair in it’s growth cycle (and not all hairs are in their growth cycle at the same time) multiple treatments are necessary. HairFree recommend 6-8 treatments for permanent hair reduction (with 6 weeks in between treatments) and for me after session 7 I am happy with the results and do not require any additional treatments.

Post treatment your treated skin can be sensitive to sunlight and wearing sunscreen is recommended as well as keeping the treated area hydrated with a fragrance free moisturiser.

I have heard of many hair removal horrors so if you are thinking of laser hair reduction make sure you attend a reputable clinic that employ accredited technicians that have experience using the machine and put safety first.

While HairFree worked for me, you may not achieve the desired result yourself – so do your research. 


  1. This was something I was considering. Thanks for the post!

  2. This sounds pretty amazing- imagine, never shaving again! You're so lucky to have had such a positive experience.

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