Monday, April 4, 2011

25 Reasons to get excited about turning 25

Well it’s my 25th Birthday coming up (6 April) and I have not had time to get excited about it until now so I thought I’d do this tongue-in-cheek post to get myself in the Birthday spirit.

  1. Because it’s YOUR special day – unless of course you are a twin (sharing is caring).
  2. Presents – as much as I love giving, there’s nothing more exciting then unwrapping a gift that was purchased especially for you.
  3. Birthday cake – we all love birthday cake right? A birthday is one of the only days you can eat a big slice of cake and not feel guilty about it.
  4. Birthday cards – I love having them proudly on display and reading the birthday wishes from my family and friends.  
  5. Parties – Although I’m not having a party for my 25th, I do love everything that comes with parties… balloons, decorations, music, friends, drinks and party food.
  6. Family and friends – Nothing better than being with your family and friends and having them all there because of you.
  7. Going out to dinner – The one night where you get to pick the restaurant and the most expensive meal on the menu but not have to pick up the bill ;)
  8. Birthday outfit – The thrill and sometimes stress of finding something amazing to wear on your special day.
  9. Facebook birthday wishes – I love opening my account and seeing the many notifications from friends wishing me happy birthday on my wall.
  10. Special offers and free products – Most companies will acknowledge your birthday when you sign up for a loyalty club or join a mailing list. If you have subscribed to as many as I have you’re bound to receive special product offers or even free products when your birthday rolls around each year.
  11. Stop being asked for I.D – Although if you are asked… take it as a complement.
  12. You instantly loose your immaturity overnight ;)
  13. But can still have immature moments and get away with it.
  14. Cheaper car insurance – You must instantly also become a better diver as Australian Insurance companies will allow over 25’s a cheaper insurance premium.
  15. In some cases you are legally able to rent a car – although I think I have already rented a car??(maybe it’s cheaper once your 25).
  16. You can evaluate or re-evaluate you life and it’s still not too late to make changes.
  17. You are slowly becoming content with your insecurities – don’t worry we will get there one day!
  18. It’s only the beginning of the rest of your life.
  19. You are moving out of home for the very first time (or may have already).
  20. You have the energy to juggle work, fitness regime and social life all in one day.
  21. Nights out change from loud nightclubs to cocktail bars and chill music.
  22. You come to the realization that when you lie, you eventually get caught out.
  23. …. And that if something is too good to be true, it usually is.
  24. You become more adventurous and up for trying new things or experimenting with different foods.
  25. It’s a milestone birthday – Quarter of a Century!

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  1. This sounds much like my 22nd birthday!! Haha I guess I'm just more mature for my age :)