Monday, April 4, 2011

Cloud Nine…. Better than the GHD???

I stumbled across the below article while flicking through my local newspaper. It is an advertising feature on a new straightening iron, Cloud Nine being used by a local salon.

The slogan for the Cloud Nine is “Less heat, more style” which is interesting as I thought the way a GHD heats to 210°C (410°F) and maintains this heat is what makes it so effective.

I’ am still very satisfied with my GHD however, after reading the above article I am very curious to try the Cloud Nine and see how it differs.

Straightening irons have come along way, I remember 10 years ago owning my first Muster – a big heavy iron with non ceramic plates and took forever to heat up and even the day I first got my GHD, I was so excited that it only took 15 seconds to reach maximum temperature!

So as the technical world advances our beauty tools will come and go however, it will be interesting to see if Cloud Nine out shines the GHD as the next best thing in straightening irons?

Please comment below if you have used a Cloud Nine – I would love to know what it’s like.

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  1. See that is my question too...

    I thought you were going to answer this for me! I have read that cloud nine iron have been made by the original inventors of GHD's and now they have made improvements and set up on their own. but are they really better????