Monday, September 12, 2011


In spring 2012 I’ll be heading down the aisle but this time it will be in support of my boyfriend’s sister as her bridesmaid. Never has there been such an anticipated wedding (well maybe mine will top the anticipation list when I eventually get engaged) and I couldn’t be more thrilled in sharing their special day while being a part of their bridal party.

The bride-to-be has kindly given us bridesmaids free reign to source favoured styles for dresses keeping in mind her preferred floor length and colour. That being said, I took to Polyvore for some bridesmaid inspiration.


Have any good recommendations for bridesmaids dresses? Please comment below :)


  1. I have to recommend the versatile dress as seen here:

    My friends go something similar to it as their bridesmaid attire, and each bridesmaid wore the dress in a different style (toga, kimono, tube, you-name-it)!

  2. Thanks Lynn Lim - the versatile dress is such a great idea. I'll put it too the girls :)