Friday, September 2, 2011

August Favourites

August has flown by but I cannot complain as I’m really excited for what September has in store. So to put an end to a cold winter and to kick off spring with style, I thought I would do a August Beauty Favourites post, enjoy. Xx

August launched my love (or obsession) with lip products and these four have been my top picks for the month.

Back row L-R:

NYX Round Lipstick in Fig – A gorgeous deep pink colour, my “beach to bar” lipstick while I was on holidays.

Bloom Sheer Colour Lipstick in Coral – A fab sheer coral that looks beautiful for day time and smells of lollies J I have been wearing this to work and getting many complements.

SLA Rich Bio Lipstick in 11 – Day or night, anything goes with this dusty pink rose colour. SLA’s Bio range is made from all natural ingredients and this lipstick applies nicely and is long lasting.


Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine in Anemone – One of the samples I received in my first Lust Have It box. Officially a lip plumper, my favourite thing about this gloss is the colour; it’s a nice wearable nude pink. True to its name it applies like velvet and has a nice shine. Once on, I do notice that my lips look slightly plump without the annoying tingling or sting.

L-R: NYX Fig, Bloom Coral, SLA 11 and Mirenesse Anemone

I love cream blushes thanks to Bloom. The Sheer Colour Cream is such a nice wearable colour for both day and night and to apply I use my Sigma Duo Fibre F50 and lightly pat onto cheeks to build the desired look.

I’ve heard and read the rave reviews time and time again so I finally caved and purchased the infamous bronzer and blush and of course – I love them.

Any NARS lover can understand my devastation when I dropped my Orgasm Blush and it cracked!! In desperation, I jumped onto YouTube and conducted make-up surgery with the “alcohol pressing method” and although (thank goodness) it applies the same… it will never look the same again L.

Also received in my Lust Have It box (look out for my September box review), I used this product once and I loved how smooth and soft my skin felt instantly after use. The product is a unique rice-based enzyme powder, that when mixed with water creates an exfoliating paste that is gentle enough to use daily but gritty enough to leave your skin smooth and soft. I will be definitely purchasing the full size when I finish my sample.

So what were your beauty favourites for August?


  1. great favorites, thank god you managed to fix the blush! i would have been devastated! this month I have been loving lip stains, they are just so easy to use!
    Grace xx

  2. Thanks Grace! I must get into lip stains, any reccomendations?

  3. I like the new revlon ones because they have a balm on the end. Max factor just launched a new range as well. It all depends on the colours you want :)
    Grace xx

  4. love the choice of l/s colours, hopefully will be busting out more corals in spring:)

  5. I love the Mirenesse lipgloss, it's gorgeous!

  6. Ooh I love Bloom products I was so happy to discover them in Superdrug in UK I had missed them (I discovered them when I briefly lived in Oz)

  7. You've done well to recover the blush, I would have been devo! You got a gorge lust have Mirenesse gloss,mine was more bronze. Could not live without the MicroF , how great is it!!