Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyeko's Minty FAT BALM... a review

A very sheer iridescent pink colour that glides on smooth moisturises lips and as an added bonus contains SPF 15!

It does have a minty scent, which I don’t normally like in anything other then toothpaste but it is very subtle and fresh and once applied you don’t notice it.

Packaged in a small box with a cute blue candy cane and hart graphic background makes you want it based on looks alone. The Eyeko logo is of an anime style girl (which made me initially think the brand was Japanese) and displays the brand tag “Pretty London”.

The product is in a mini glue stick like tube and the balm twists up which makes application a breeze. After a few applications the balm actually moulds into your lip shape and contours your lips as you apply.

I purchased the Fat Balm from for $10 which was fairly decent considering I saw it on an Australian cosmetic website for $14.95 and they currently have a promotion of free shipping worldwide for all orders over $55 – so definitely worth it to try out other products.

I would re-purchase (for the right price) if it was widely available in Australia but as I purchased it online from the UK it’s easier to re-purchase a lip balm from a local store.   

Note: I have "Colour Splashed" the photo to allow the colour stand out.

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