Friday, December 30, 2011

Swisspers Fail

I have been going through cotton pads like there is no tomorrow and I use them religiously for toner and eye makeup removal. I generally use whatever brand is the cheapest (they are all 100% cotton right?) however I have been purchasing the Swisspers Round Makeup Pads which work really well for me and are nice and soft.

While in priceline I decided to purchase the Swisspers Cosmetic Squares instead or the round makeup pads because a) they were cheaper and contained the same amount of product and b) they were packaged in a cardboard box which I could recycle. I was also drawn in by the “no messy fibres” on the box.

I first tried the Cosmetic Squares with a little toner and found it to be unmanageable, it didn’t easily swipe over my face like the makeup pads do. Next night I tried again with makeup remover cream and again it was unmanageable and was rolling itself up and eventually ripped. As you can see from the picture I would describe the whole square as a “messy fibre”. Sigh, 2 down… 78 to go.   


  1. I'm a fan of the Swisspers rounds myself for removing makeup and nailpolish and I ain't switching!!