Monday, February 27, 2012

Summer by The Beauty Department

I had somewhat forgotten about gradual self tanners, I think because of the convenience of actual fake tan I found them easier to apply once and enjoy the benefits for up to five days. However, since trialling the gradual self tanner, Summer by The Beauty Department I have rediscovered my love of self tanners with the fool proof application and amazing natural colour which lasts.

What the Beauty Department Say:

Summer is a refined and natural gradual tan, enriched with organic ingredients, and a unique combination of essential oils. This thick and luxurious cream gives your skin a soft golden colour, with the aromas of summer all year round.
With no harsh, synthetic colorants, Summer is free from PEG's, propylene glycol, or parabens. Instead, active ingredients such as DHA deliver a light golden hue over 2-3 hours, giving the individual complete colour control - for deeper colour, simply apply more.

What I Say:

I see gradual self tans as the “beginners’ introduction” to fake tanning, only because they apply as a moisturiser and the colour is often soft and buildable. Summer by The Beauty Department is a thick moisturizing cream with a zesty citrus scent that smells summery as you work it into your skin (the scent actually reminds me of the day spa I visited while on holidays).

Even though Summer is not tinted I didn’t have any trouble with fake tan faux pas, as mentioned above, it applies as a thick moisturiser although it does take some working into the skin. As it’s not tinted you also have the green light to use your hands which is such a godsend for me because I’m so over rubber gloves and awkward tanning mitts – just make sure you thoroughly wash your palms well before the tan starts to develop.

Within 2-3 hours, Summer develops into a natural soft golden tan and you can build on your colour by re-applying however I have always been satisfied with the initial application. I was amazed by the staying power of Summer as it lasted from the weekend through to the working week and it fades as it wears which is great (no embarrassing patchiness).   

I must admit I was a little upset when I finished my sample jar of Summer, however it is easily accessible to purchase online through their website

Disclaimer: I did receive Summer by The Beauty Department for review however all opinions in this post are 100% honest and I will be purchasing this product for further use.

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