Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lush Haul

I haven’t had much time to relax lately, moving up the ladder at work means more responsibility and a larger work load. To treat myself and as a reminder to take time for R&R, I headed into my local Lush store to pick up some bath goodies.

Lush cosmetics are fresh, handmade cosmetics made from organic ingredients and essential oils with little or no preservatives and in most cases are vegan too. They have an amazing range of cosmetics that I’m always intrigued to try (such as there solid shampoo and conditioner bars) and their products have amazing scents that you either love (or hate) – my favourite scents are floral and citrus.   

I purchased two of their Bath Ballistics which I’m a huge fan of. When placed in a warm bath the ballistic will begin to fizz and dissolve leaving your bath water colourful, scented and full of essential oils that leave your skin smooth.

Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic $6.75(AUD)

Lush says: If this isn’t the sexiest bath you’ve ever had (by yourself) we’ll eat our hats.

Excuse this photo, the camera really picked up a green hue.

Dragon’s Egg Bath Ballistic $5.95(AUD)

Lush says: Bath tub fireworks. Fizz, froth, fruity fragrance – what more could you ask for?

I also purchased a bubble bar, which is basically solid bubble bath. I have tried one of these before and I found the bubbles really strong and long lasting. One bar (depending on the size) can last maybe 5-6 baths as you break it into pieces and crumble under your running tap water.

Dorothy Bubble Bar $5.95(AUD)

Lush says: At the end of this rainbow there’s a sky blue bath scented with ylang ylang and orange blossom.

My last purchase was some toner tabs to sample. I have not tried these before but I love the idea. To use, place a tab into a bowel of steaming water and place your face into the steam (not too hot or you will burn) and cover with a towel. Allow the steam to open your pores and soak in the toner goodness – I will let you know what I think once I try them out.

Vitamin E Toner Tabs $1.95(AUD)

Lush says: Excellent, effervescing toner tab with balancing lavender & anti-oxidant vitamin E. Rejuvenating for older skin.  

A little on the pricey side, Lush (to me) are indulgent products which are great as a special treat or for a unique gift. Have you tired Lush? If so, what are your favourite products?   


  1. I love their "Demon in the Dark" soap.. my partner thinks it's "manly" smelling enough to use too, so I enjoy the scent of it on both of us! :)

  2. I love lush! I use their deoderant, fluff ease & solid shampoo. The fluff ease is so amazing, I last used it on friday & ran out. On Monday I washed my hair without using it... But I can still catch whiffs of the jasmine in my hair! Amazing. I want to try the R&B cream & all their bath products next. Lush is awesome!

  3. My fave's are Lush's Rock Star Soap and the Bubblegum lip scrub..DIVINE!!!!!

    Sadly our place doesn't have a bath so I haven't tried any of the bath products but one day i'm sure i will!

  4. Everytime I go into Lush, I want to buy something but never do! You've inspired me to head back. haha

  5. I've been getting more into Lush recently, they opened a new store at the Westfield. Have to go check it out but my nail polish addiction seems to be getting the better of me;)

  6. Thank you for all your fave Lush suggestions.

    @Rin, the jasmine scented shampoo sounds beautiful and @Omega, Im intrigued to smell Demon on the dark now.

    @Rachal, Lush have a product called an emotibomb which can be used in the shower. I haven’t tried it yet but apparently it fizzes up and adds a beautiful scent to your shower.

    @Angela Lush products are so much fun, but I can understand why you haven’t brought anything yet, Im always wondering around store for hours and never sure of what products to try (product overload).

    @Priyanka, that was one of my main reasons for my purchases – I had to check out the new store ;)

  7. I'm like Angela. I go in but I never get anything! Everything looks so lovely. I'm liking the look of the bath bombs so maybe I'll start with one of those :)