Thursday, June 21, 2012

MAC Technique Seminar

On Thursday evening I attended a MAC Technique Session through my local MAC counter, I was told I would be in for a great night as the Seminar would be hosted by MAC Trainers.

MAC Technique is a series of nine workshops lead by MAC artists which showcase the latest MAC products, makeup trends and provide make up techniques and tips to applying great makeup. A MAC Technique class is suitable for all ages, sexes and degree of makeup knowledge.  
Not knowing what to expect, we were greeted by enthusiastic MAC Artists welcoming us with champagne, canap├ęs and macaroons as well as the bible for the evening, a MAC Technique binder containing face charts, tips and tricks and plenty of room to make notes and wish lists.
MAC Trainers, Jo Roughan and Ocea Ferber showed us two of the current most requested looks, a natural face with bold lip and the ever popular smokey eye with natural lip. Each look was broken down from skin prep to finish and both Jo and Ocea were informative, entertaining and have some amazing skills.

MAC Trainers Jo and Ocea and the beautiful models

Some of the tips and tricks I picked up throughout the evening:
·         For those with dry skin, if you are finding that your makeup is not lasting as long it may be due to the fact your skin requires more moisture. Dry skin will suck the moisture out from your products and leave you looking pretty bare come lunchtime. Keep your skin well hydrated during the preparation stage with rich moisturizes.
·         Brows are so hot right now and should not be left behind when completing a makeup look. Filled in brows frame the face and like a work of art, they really add a finish to any look. For those who are fair, a great eye brow suggestion is MAC Eye Shadow in Omega – it creates a soft natural look. To define and sculpt your brows, start at the base and feather up.
·         For a smokey eye use a Kohl pencil to add depth to the lids without any fallout, MAC Eye Kohl’s are very soft and blendable. Set the kohl pencil with a shadow to add dimension to the smokey eye, ensure that the middle part of the lid is kept free of makeup and build your coverage on the inner and the outer part of the eye for the smokey effect.
·         To get the maximum dramatic effect from your mascara, tilt your head back and lightly pull up your lid. This will ensure you coat all your lashes right down to the roots.
·         To apply false lashes, tilt your head back and place in the centre first as close to the lash root as possible. Push the falsies down into your lash root and your natural lashes up into the falsies.
·         For a more dramatic effect uses your powder products wet, sprits Fit + on eye shadows or highlighter to give move vibrant finish.
·         MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Pencils are a great alternative to lipstick as they are so smooth and creamy. To apply, smile and ensure your lip is taught to create smooth lines.
The MAC Technique Seminar is $120 to attend which is redeemable in product. Following the workshop, the group was taken back to the MAC Counter and assigned a MAC Artist to assist you with redeeming your products.

I had such an informative and inspiring evening, big thank yous to the MAC Artists and Trainers Jo and Ocea.

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