About Me

Hospital management by day and Beauty Blogger by night – just another 20 something beauty obsessed Aussie girl who loves family, friends, shopping, food, music and all things beautiful.  
Beauty Soiree was created so I could have an outlet to reach out to fellow beauty lovers and share information on the latest and greatest beauty products tried and tested by an everyday girl.
My love of beauty began with the YouTube Beauty Guru community as I stumbled upon Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials when I was bored with my everyday makeup routine and was looking to mix things up. My subscription list grew from there as I was introduced to a world of tutorials, hauls, monthly favourites and room or makeup collection tours.
Following my love of YouTube led to blogs and after months of reading and purchasing countless amount of products base on other bloggers or tubers recommendations I decided to create my own blog and in March 2011 – Beauty Soiree was born.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Beauty Soiree
Stephanie xx